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  • What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Great job by the team, my teeth look fantastic now, thank you so much!

    David Blackmoor, Town Moor

  • Thank you for making feel gorgeous again. My teeth were horrible before the treatment, but now I have a brilliant smile - I am so happy with the results.

    Jenny Weston, Jesmond

  • I thought I was to old to get my teeth whitened! Age is not a barrier when it comes to you teeth - I am 66 and love the new me even at my age!

    Mary Davies, Newcastle

  • Great tooth whitening job, best laser teeth whitening Newcastle Upon Tyne has to offer.
    Would highly recommend them.

    George Reid, Elswick

  • Thank you so much for giving my my confidence back. You made me feel at ease and I love the new me!! Would highly recommend Newcastle Teeth Whitening to anyone - First Class!!

    Shirley Coles, New Benwell

  • I would never have thought that getting my teeth whitened would have made such a difference. So thrilled with the results - Thank you so much!

    Julie Smithson, Heaton

  • Teeth whitening in Newcastle

    Teeth Whitening in Newcastle Upon Tyne is important to all of us here in our beautiful City. Your smile is often the first thing people notice about you. Even before you speak, your mouth is already informing others what to think about you. 

    We are mobile and come to you, so relax and Give Us a Call or Complete the Form – we will handle the rest.

    Is your Newcastle smile not all that it should be? It’s ok, we can fix that fast and it won’t cost the earth. 

    Call Us On 0191 580 1313 or Complete The Form.

    Are yellowing teeth making you self-conscious about how people are perceiving you? Are your teeth stained from years of coffee and neglect? No fear! Today is the day you get the bright teeth and winning white Newcastle smile you have always dreamed of. Smile with confidence knowing that yours is a grin that gets noticed for all the right reasons. And most of all smile because you made the right choice in dental care.

    Teeth whitening in Newcastle is the answer – we can really help with your perfect smile.

    Call Us On 0191 580 1313 or Complete The Form.

    ​We understand that the sheer number of options available for professional dental care can be overwhelming to say the least. This fact is the number one reason we strive to be not only your best choice – but the only logical choice for everyone in need of a brighter, more perfect smile. Our team of dentists, assistants and oral professionals will work together to assure your particular needs are met. Every individual has needs that are unique to them. It is out mission to have answers to each and every situation that comes to us. Be it a whitening procedure or just a check up, with us you are guaranteed the best possible dental work available.

    Perhaps you have tried home whitening kits in the past. You are most likely reading this because they did not work. The reason for this is simple: they are produced as a “one size fits all” product that can appeal to the most people for the highest rate of revenue. When you choose us for your whitening needs you will not get a “one size fits all” mentality because there is no such thing as a one size fits all answer to your dental questions. We know that and know that your wallet or purse is as important as your oral health. We do not push extra or unnecessary procedures that would make us more profit. Insults such as this will be relegated to the supermarket aisles – never in our practice!

    Perhaps you had braces to fix your teeth as a youth. When the were removed the discoloration from the posts left marks on the front of every tooth. Our whitening treatments can make these marks a thing of the past – banished to the recesses of your mind, much like the braces themselves. 

    With our teeth whitening procedures you can expect long lasting positive results. You will have a new found pride every time you open you flash your pearly teeth. The process we utilise will give you a brightness not known before for up to two years. That is two years of feeling like a new person every time you smile. Two years of knowing you look your very best. Two years of confidence you did not know you had in you.

    Now you know what to expect after the treatments – positive, happy days for years to come.

    We really can make you smile again and look your best, trust us, give us a call.​

    ​But how do you start? Simply call us at 0191 580 1313 or fill in our simple form. The only thing you will need to do after that is clear your schedule: you are about to become much more popular!

    Why not Call Us Today on 0191 580 1313  We Can Make You Smile Again!

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